METAVERTU Web3 Cell Phone,5G Unlocked Smartphone with Vshot NFT 64MP Camera Dual Nano-Sim Luxury os & Web3.0 os 12G RAM + 512G ROM + 10T IPFS Storage (Carbon Fiber-Black, 12+512G)

Price: $3,600.00
(as of Apr 03,2023 21:42:13 UTC – Details)

Unique identity:Exclusive lettering service
【Web3 Phone with Decentralized Identity SBT】Give you an exclusive identity in the virtual world SBT,which is Soulbound token, means that users will have their own unique tokens. While enjoying the virtual world, there is no need to worry about your identity being forged or copied by others, which will add a layer of security to your experience in the virtual world.
【Smartphone 5G with VALUE Wallet】Your security guardian in the Web3.0 world.The VALUE wallet will encrypt and protect the user’s assets, so as to realize all-round asset security online and line. Even if the mobile phone is unfortunately lost, the VALUE wallet will continue to be encrypted and protected to prevent your personal assets from being stolen or transferred by others.
【10T Decentralized Storage VBOX】10T large memory, peace of mind in the past and future.10T distributed storage space, free forever, create your own storage world for you, keep all the good memories, the space is large enough, and you don’t need to hesitate to store it.
【One-click NFT copyright camera VSHOT】Make it possible to make money by taking pictures.VSHOT, the NFT copyright camera, empowers every shot you take, and you can brand the photo with the creator’s stamp with one click, so that each of your photos will have a unique NFT copyright, making mobile photography more valuable.
【🏡NFT PASS CARD】 High-end membership benefits are all available. The NFT PASS card based on Vertu’s service concept and conforming to the Web3.0 ecology has more high value-added service content, while delivering global consultation to users, while helping users create income and value in the Web3.0 world.
【VOS】A validator for Ethereum mining via light node. The configuration s the performance. The built – in application can help you gain thevirtual currency by mining without computer.

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